Suzhou Ecener Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in research, development, production and sales in the field of off-grid solar system.

Our company adheres to the service concept of "satisfying customer's needs as our responsibility", focusing on manufacture of off-grid solar system, focusing on product quality while paying more attention to details of service, pursuing simple and efficient professional operation, and striving to do it better.

ECENER provides off-grid solar system and packages with superior quality. These applications include: potable power station, pre-wired power center, MPPT charge controllers, pure sine wave inverter, solar panels, etc. Our off-grid packages application: RV, yacht, residential and commercial building, vacation villas, camping and outdoor packages.

Relying on technology background of solar energy industry, we also promotes and installs highly cost effective distributed off-grid solar power system.

ECENER also provides customized products. When the existing packages cannot meet the needs of customers, customized products will tailor the solar system to the specific requirements of users. With the cost and price of solar system declining, off-grid solar packages are becoming more and more popular in the solar market.

ECENER aims to make electricity available in every corner of the world and make electricity smarter.

Our Motto

Don't fool your clients,

Do not even entrap your customers,

Maybe dozens of people have been in touch with him,

And he chose to believe and trust you!

A customer for one day, A friend for life!

Treat every customer as your own brothers and sisters, As a friend to maintain!

Use your professional to serve him,

Use your sincerity to impress him,

Always put yourself to other’s shoes and think more for customers,

You will find you harvest both career and friendship!

Heart to heart,

That's the job,

Life is the same!

Honesty wins the world.

Trust is the most primitive basis!

Thank you here!

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